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Dog walker left in coma for eight days after brutal attack by herd of cows

A woman spent more than a week in an induced coma after being attacked by a herd of cows as she took her dog for a walk. Former teacher Pip

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Couple transform ‘total wreck’ left untouched for 40 years into stunning home

When Kievah and Jamie Wallace bought their four-bedroom home in Newcastle, it was in “drastic need” of an update having been left untouched for 40 years. Just four months later,

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Christine and Frank Lampard’s incredible £10m home – floor chandelier to enormous garden

Christine and Frank Lampard have just welcomed their second child together, and the lucky baby boy will be brought up in their incredible home. The couple, who announced their birth

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Disabled couple left waiting two months for help after pipes burst in flat above

A disabled couple claim they have been waiting for two months to get their kitchen ceiling fixed after a pipe burst in the flat above. Robert and Val Heath feel

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Woman, 27, shares horror of living with stoma bag which leaks all over clothes

A woman has described the horror of living with a stoma bag which leaks all over her clothes, forcing her to buy new ones every week. Jen McGregor, 27, from

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Terrified commuter runs for life as escaped brown bear chases him down the street

A frightened man was forced to run into a busy road to safety after an escaped brown bear chased him down the street. The terrifying encounter was recorded by a

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