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A woman spent more than a week in an induced coma after being attacked by a herd of cows as she took her dog for a walk.

Former teacher Pip Peacock took her pet Labrador Buster out in Sheldon in the Peak District when the animals suddenly rushed at her.

She spent nearly a month in hospital – and has spoken of her trauma after the cattle kicked and stamped on after she fell to the ground.

The 63-year-old shouted for help without success until two men and a woman came along and were able to chase the cows away, report DerbyshireLive.

She suffered 34 breaks in her ribs, a shattered collarbone, broken shoulder ligaments, and a broken finger. Surgeons had to use 17 titanium plates to repair her rib cage after the creatures attacked in September 2019.

She may have recovered, but 13-year-old Buster died during the traumatic incident.

Pip has now set herself the challenge of walking 1,000 miles this year to raise funds for the local air ambulance she says saved her life on that fateful afternoon.

She said: “Buster was used to walking in fields of cows and was on a very short lead by my knees.

“The first thing I recall about the attack is one cow coming for me. Then I was lying on the ground and was kicked and rolled over several times. I tried to shout for help but had no voice.

“Suddenly, I heard voices and two men and a woman came along. The men were incredibly brave and chased the cows away.

“This was no easy task. I could hear them shouting and was worried the cows would attack them. They used their sticks and camera tripods to move the cows away. The woman stayed and talked to me.”

She added: “My injuries were so serious I probably would not have survived if I had gone in a land ambulance to hospital.

“The policeman who went to tell my husband what had happened said I might not live even though I had been taken by helicopter.

“I think it was just an unfortunate event. I have had incredible support since the accident and can see that good things have come out of it. I am making good progress but still struggle with pain from time to time.”