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A disabled couple claim they have been waiting for two months to get their kitchen ceiling fixed after a pipe burst in the flat above.

Robert and Val Heath feel their home in Dundee, Scotland, is leaving them at breaking point – and say they brought it to the authorities’ attention in January.

Their ceiling was damaged after pipes burst in the empty property above their home.

The pair say they warned Angus Housing Association of potential problems at the start of 2021, report the Daily Record.

But the couple feel they did not do enough – and say they now face an anxious wait for repairs to be carried out.

Angus Housing Association said the property suffered no structural damage, however they will redecorate.

Epileptic Robert, 70, of Dundee, said he fears the situation could get worse after discovering they face up to a week before work is carried out.

He and 73-year-old Val, who has heart problems, are both registered disabled.

Robert said: “We are breaking down over it. They say we need to wait a week before it dries out and can be fixed.

“We complained about water leaks in the first week of January when the previous tenants moved out.

“It’s just been one problem after another since and now this. Apparently it is the pipes under the floorboards which have burst.

“Angus Housing Association came on Monday to check it over but it’s still dripping. It was pouring through on Friday. It looks ready to collapse.

A Dundee City Council spokesperson said: “We attended the out of hours call-out at the property and we will continue to work with Angus Housing Association, where possible, on the matter.”

Angus Housing Association said staff were sent to inspect the property as soon as they were made aware.

The organisation has been in regular dialogue with Mr and Mrs Heath and promised the issue will be repaired as soon as possible.

They said: “There is no safety issue and we will redecorate in accordance with the tenant’s wishes.

“The property has no structural damage.”