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Betti Xiang The First Chinese Erhu Soloist had performed "The Butterfly Lovers Concerto" with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at the Symphony Hall and Millennium Pavilion in Chicago, 2006.

The debut concert marks Betti's great achievement of "merging
Western and Eastern musical elements with a naivete and sophistication that make the three-part work so steely appealing".

In 2011, Betti once again performed

"The Butterfly Lovers Concerto" in Chicago"s Millennium Park with The Chicago Sinfonietta Orchestra. She Dazzled the crowd with her masterful playing and deep emotional stage presence, which ended to a standing ovation and tears in the orchestra.

Betti Xiang played at inauguration of Chicago’s great Millennium Park with excellent reviews. She has since performed there many times over the years.  As a new milestone, Betti Xiang performed the famous "Crouching Tiger Erhu Concerto" with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra in 2010 and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra at Performing Complex Center in Denver in 2011.

Betti Xiang had dedicated herself as a pioneer and survivor playing the Chinese erhu with symphony orchestras throughout the world. In 2011, the Portuguese music composer Luis Tinoco, composed "Shadow Play for Erhu and Orchestra" for Albany Symphony Orchestra and Betti Xiang in the "World Beat Series Festival" at EMPAC in Troy, New York.

2007, New York Albany Symphony presented Betti Xiang to the Gala Concert at Palace Theater in Albany, NY. The critique describes that "Xiang was marvelous and played with great passion. The crowd loved it". Soon after, the Florida Symphony Orchestra with Betti to performed "The Butterfly Lovers Concerto" at Tampa Bay, Florida in 2008. 

In 1996, Betti embarked on her journey to establish a distinguished music career in America. After having been invited to perform at such distinctive venues in the Chicago area, including Cultural Center, Symphony Center, Field Museums and Ravinia Festival; Betti was immediately recognized as an erhu virtuoso. As such, she was invited to perform at the Fullerton Hall, Kimmel Center, Lincoln Center, Martin Theater, Palace Theatre, Smithsonian Institutes, and has even been invited to perform on television and radio. Other groups that Betti has performed with include the Amelia Piano Trio, Cube Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, Lincoln String Quartet, Newberry Consort Early Music Ensemble and the Silk Road Ensemble. In 2005, Betti Xiang as guest artist, performing Tan Dun's erhu concerto "Crouching Tiger" with the Chicago Grant Park Orchestra.

Betti has also joined the Columbia College Chicago’s annual project "Global Screen Composition". She has given erhu performances and lecture demonstrations to the Chicago Columbia College, Illinois of Benedictine University, DePaul University, Dominican University, Wheaton College, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, St. Xavier University, Illinois State University, University of Chicago, Indiana University Purdue University, Michigan University, Rhode Island School of Design, St. Petersburg College, and Queens College of New York City.

Betti Xiang was born in Shanghai, China. Her father Xiang Zuying, a renowned erhu master introduced her to the erhu at a very young age. Mr. Xiang distinguished as a soloist for the Shanghai National Orchestra and as an erhu professor at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in China. Betti first played for a public audience in 1978. In 1981, she joined the Shanghai National Orchestra, where she impressed audiences in Canada, France, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Singapore, and Taiwan, performing premieres with great Chinese composers including Jin Fuzai, Lu Pei and Zhu Jianer.

Later in 1988, Betti received the coveted Young Artists Award in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai for Outstanding Erhu Solo Artist. Betti Xiang gave the Erhu Solo Concert with the Shanghai Broadcast Philharmonic. In 1995, Betti gave her final performance in China at the Shanghai "Lan-Xing" Theater.

Throughout the years, Betti has formed alliances and continues to perform many new compositions made by composers Bright Sheng, Bruce Saylor, Chen Yi, Conrad Tao, Eliza Browns, Huang Ruo, Li Xinyan, Pamela Chen, Patricia Morehead, Victoria Bond and Yang Yong.

In 2006, the Shanghai Recording Company recorded Betti Xiang’s Solo Erhu CD "Tunes of the Countryside" in China.


Short Bio

Already as acclaimed Erhu virtuoso on her native China, Betti Xiang has built a distinguished career performing throughout the United States.

In 2006, Xiang performed "Butterfly Lovers Concerto" with Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

2007, She performed with Albany Symphony Orchestra in New York.

2009, She performed with Florida Symphony Orchestra in Florida. Betti has been invited to perform at such distinctive venues as the Ravinia International Music Festival, Lincoln Center, Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, Smithsonian Institute and on National Public Radio in Washington and Chicago’s WFMT.

Ms. Xiang performs with Yo-Yo Ma as a member of the Silk Road Ensemble and has collaborated with Amelia Piano Trio, Lincoln String Quartet, Newberry Consort early music ensemble, and Cube Contemporary Chamber Ensemble. In 2005, she performed Tan Dun’s Orchestra and Erhu "Crouching Tiger" for the inauguration of Chicago’s Millennium Park with Chicago Grant Park Orchestra.

Xiang, a native of Shanghai, China, studied Erhu with her father, Xiang Zuying, a renowned erhu master and soloist with Shanghai National Orchestra and professor at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Xiang’s public debut as an Erhu soloist was with Shanghai National Orchestra’s tour of Canada, France, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Singapore, and Taiwan. in 1981, debuting works by noted Chinese composer Zhu Jianer, Jin Fuzai, and Lu Pei. In 1986, she received the coveted Young Artists Award for outstanding soloist in both Cities Shanghai and Beijing, China.

Over the last twenty years, she has premiered works by such renowned composers as Bright Sheng, Bruce Saylor, Conrad Tao, Huang Ruo, Luis Tinoco, Patricia Morehead, Tan Dun and Victoria Bond. In July 2006, Xiang recorded a Solo Erhu CD "Tune of Countryside" in Shanghai, China. 


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